Tuesday, November 15, 2011

PKR MP Wants to Team Up with PRM to Fend Off BN from Balik Pulau

PKR MP Wants to Team Up with PRM to Fend Off BN from Balik Pulau
by Aidil Syukri   
KUALA LUMPUR, 15 NOVEMBER, 2011: Balik Pulau MP Yusmadi Yusoff said he welcomes Parti Rakyat Malaysia’s (PRM) the intention to contest its candidates in Balik Pulau for the next General Election (GE).
Speaking to reporters in a press conference in Parliament today, Yusmadi said, however, for the benefit of the voters in Balik Pulau constituency, he invited PRM to work with Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) in facing Barisan Nasional (BN).

He said, as the PRM has the same agenda with PKR which is to defeat the BN, he suggested for PRM President Dr Rohana Ariffin to discuss over this issue in order to benefit Balik Pulau voters.

“I am confident that PRM has a good faith in contesting in the GE that is to defeat BN. I welcome their intention to contest the at Balik Pulau because I know that PRM has a long history in Balik Pulau, especially Rohana who has competed in Balik Pulau on PKR ticket, but lost,” said Yusmadi.

“I suggest that since we have the same agenda that is to defeat Umno/BN in Balik Pulau, I recommend that Rohana and I to sit together to discuss further for the benefit of the voters in Balik Pulau in the coming election,” he added.

“So I am pleased to invite the leadership of the PRM to work together with me in dealing with Umno/BN,” he added.

He said he did not feel threatened at all by the PRM proposal to compete in Balik Pulau but what he is worried about is the fate of the voters in the constituency.

During its 56th Birthday Celebration PRM President Rohana announced that PRM will be contesting parliamentary seats in Balik Pulau in Penang, Selayang and Petaling Jaya Selantan in Selangor. The list of its candidates for these three constituencies will be announced in the near future.

Earlier, Dr Rohana, when contacted by
Malaysian Digest this morning, said that it is the party's democratic right to contest in the next general election.

However, she said if the opposition is not willing to negotiate then “that's their problem”.

Nevertheless, Dr Rohana hopes that the Opposition would not treat them the same as what the government had been doing which is oppressing them.

Explaining the reasons to contest in the three constituencies, she said for Balik Pulau, they have contesting there for a long time except in 2008 and felt that they should contest again.

She said the party feels that it still has many supporters in that area, so that's why they decided to contest.

mD - Malaysian Digest, 15/11/2011, PKR MP Wants to Team Up with PRM to Fend Off BN from Balik Pulau

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