Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Parti Rakyat Malaysia lives on - application to dissolve party by former leaders rejected (16/7/2009)

High Court allows PRM to continue

Parti Rakyat Malaysia has won a decision at the High Court in Jalan Duta today against its dissolution.

Eight former PRM members who are now PKR leaders were seeking to dissolve the party.

In the end, the judge ruled in PRM’s favour.

According to a PRM leader, Rohana Ariffin, there were no provisions in the party’s constitution governing dissolution. Thus, she said, the court held that the Societies Act applies – in which case, the party should have convened a final congress to obtain its members’ approval for the dissolution of the party. This, she said, was not done.

So, for now, PRM still survives as a party.-, 16/7/2009

We do hope that these former PRM (now PKR members) will not proceed further in their quest to de-register PRM. They do have a right to appeal to the Court of Appeal ... but it is hoped that they do not...and just move on to other more important matters concerning Malaysia and its peoples. Choices must be respected. Some in PRM have chosen to keep alive and continue with PRM, and their choice and right must be respected.

Noting the difficulty for any political party to register itself in Malaysia, and acknowledging and respecting the principle of freedom of association, they (the ex-PRM leaders) must not do anything more to prevent persons/members of PRM today from continuing to exist and function in Malaysia.

At the same time, PRM and its current leadership (and members) must awake from the slumber they have been in, and actively rejuvenate and enliven Parti Rakyat Malaysia to become and active political party - another option and choice for the Malaysian people.

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