Friday, February 22, 2008

Song: DAP fears good leaders

Song: DAP fears good leaders

JOHOR BARU: The withdrawal of Batu Gajah MP Fong Po Kuan is just another result of the DAP leaders’ insecurity and their fear of capable people, says former Johor DAP chairman S.K. Song.

“The leaders have a way of marginalising those who are capable and in forcing them out.

“Many party leaders have become victims but I cannot give the names,” said Song, who was state DAP chief for 20 years and is now Parti Rakyat Malaysia secretary-general.

In the DAP, he said, leaders could become candidates without having grassroots support, citing the case of a party leader’s son who was expected to be a candidate in the general election.

On Sunday, Fong told reporters that the internal developments in Perak DAP had made it impossible for her to continue serving the people.

On a statement by former DAP leader Wee Choo Keong warning DAP national chairman Karpal Singh to be careful as he, too, could be marginalised, Song said:

“He will never be marginalised as he and (DAP adviser) Lim Kit Siang scratch each other’s back. Furthermore, he is not a Chinese, therefore he is no danger to Kit Siang,” he said.

On Wee naming him as one of those who were marginalised, Song said:

“I was never marginalised because I stepped down as the state chairman on my own accord. I was not happy with the way the party was run.”

Song said PRM’s intention was to deny Barisan Nasional a two-third majority.

“We are targeting Stulang, Permas, Johor Jaya and Skudai state seats as well as Johor Baru and Gelang Patah parliamentary seats.

“We will accept changes for the good of the opposition but we must also make our stand,” he said, adding that the party aimed to win at least one seat.

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