Saturday, November 28, 2009

PRM already has an acting President since 23/11/2009 - so Star's report is wrong.

From my inquiries, PRM has already chosen an acting President. See earlier posting :- PRM melantik pemangku Presiden Baruon  on 23/11/2009.

One wonders whether the error in the Star report is intentional, or they were misled by S.K. Song? Wonder why the Star did not carry the earlier statement issued by the Sec-Gen on or before 23/11/2009. The media must refer to the principal office bearers before putting out reports about any political party, society or organisation. From, the report, it is clear that the person referred to as the source seem to be not aware of recent developments in PRM - for he is still talking as though there is not yet an acting President of PRM, in light of the resignation of Hassan Karim.

PRM to pick new leaders after president's resignation

JOHOR BARU: Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM) will undergo a reshuffle in the next four to six weeks in the wake of president Hassan Abdul Karim’s resignation.

Party Central Committee (CC) member S.K. Song said that the reshuffle would also see the appointments of a new president and deputy chairman.

“All state liaison committees have been directed to hold meetings to discuss the appointment of new people for these two posts,” he told The Star yesterday.

“The CC will meet to make a final decision in four to six weeks.” Song said the party needed capable leaders to fill the top two posts but refused to divulge the names of those who had been considered.

On Nov 17, Hassan resigned after 80% of the 100 party delegates who attended the PRM congress in Kuala Lumpur rejected his proposal for the party to join Pakatan Rakyat.
Hassan has since applied to join PKR. He submitted his form to party leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at a convention in Kluang on Nov 22.

Song said he respected Hassan’s decision and his contribution to the party.

“However, he (Hassan) put forth the proposal to join Pakatan without discussing with the CC first,” he said.

“The members were caught by surprise. That’s why it was rejected.”

Hassan, he added, should have discussed the matter thoroughly before proposing such a drastic move.

“The party will survive without him.” Song also clarified that though he pulled out as deputy chairman, he was still the party’s Johor chairman and CC member.

“I pulled out to give way to other leaders about three months ago.” - Star, 28/11/2009, PRM to pick new leaders after president's resignation

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