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Parti Rakyat Malaysia Press Statement on 30 December 2010

Parti Rakyat Malaysia Press Statement on 30 December 2010

For the coming years, Parti Rakyat Malaysia shall re-emerge like a breath of fresh air into the political arena of Malaysia.

We still firmly belived in the struggle of our forefounders like Dr. Burhanuddin Al-Helmy, Ahmad Boestamam, Shamsiah Fakeh in bringing about a progressive and equitable society and the PRM will always remain a multiracial political party.

We will continue to struggle with the people against any form of exploitation, violence and corruption. We believe that the capitalistic and neo-liberal systems will continue to exploit the working class and the general population. Many of our social problems like all forms of crimes, unwanted pregnancies, corruption and selfish attitude are mainly rooted in the system that are dominant in Malaysia.

We will have a Barisan Bela Rakyat(People's Front) to go to the ground to struggle alongside the people. In that we are now building our youth section, working with youth groups and NGOs. Our youth shall be called Pemuda Rakyat (People's Youth).

PRM is willing to work with all parties and vehicles (political and others) to strengthen the democratic process in the country. This will be through dialogues, networking and joint actions and struggles. We shall struggle against all forms of fascism, be it political or racial fascism or religious fascism. The people shall live with a sense of duty and responsibility to society and shall not be subjected to any form of immitidation from any groups with power.

Last but not least, we call upon all interested parties to join us. In addition, we welcome the youth who may be searching for a political party that is progressive, multiracial has been historically resilient and with steadfast integrity. This appeal goes also to our former PRM members who may want to come back into the fold of PRM.

In the recent 42 PRM Congress, a restructuring was called for and agreed by the majority in the Congress and in the first Central Committee meeting the new line-up are as follows:

President: Rohana Ariffin
Deputy President : Song Sing Kwee
Vice President: Gary Nair, Salleh Ahmad, Goh Chuin Loon
Secretary General : Koh Swe Yong
Assistant Sec Gen : Kamarul Adnan
Treasurer: Teh Soon Meng
Committee Members: Tan Chin Hong, Yem Ahmad, Ariffin Salimon, Zulkarnain Abdullah, Sivakumar Balakrishnan, Aidit Abdullah, Palaniandy Kunchi, Nadarajah Ramasamy, M. Rizal Ibrahim

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